Diploma work
subject: Limit(s)

190×263 mm

This diploma work is devoted to the limits of my travel possibilities with my subscription to public transportation. Every terminus becomes a new beginning for me, the beginning of a work of exploration, meeting and graphic reinterpretation. This results in seven books, each dealing with one of my terminus in a personal approach. I share my look, my curiosity about those places located at the ends of my journey by conveying the idea that a place, whatever it is, is interesting if you take the time to show curiosity about it.

diploma, graphic design, limits, seven books, zones, map, region, switzerland, neuchâtel, jura, berne
diploma, graphic design, limits, detail, binding, books
diploma, graphic design, book, Zihlbrücke, photography, house, field, factoryZone 11 - Zihlbrücke
diploma, graphic designer, book, La Neuveville, Google Streetview, photography, lac de BienneZone 65 - La Neuveville
diploma, graphic design, book, datavizualisation, circles, colours, supermarkets, Migros, Coop, Denner, Aldi switzerland, Globus, Lidl, Système U, E. Leclerc, Auchan, Cora, Carrefour, IntermarchéZone 33 - Les Verrières
diploma, graphic design, book, La Chaux-des-Breuleux, cows, photography, barnZone 42 - La Chaux-des-Breuleux
diploma, graphic design, book, Vaumarcus, photogram, feathers, liquid, black and white, memoriesZone 15 - Vaumarcus
diploma, graphic designer, book, Les Brenets, photography, camping, door, caravanZone 21 - Les Brenets
diploma, graphic designer, book, Courtelary, night, photography, branchs, black and whiteZone 66 - Courtelary