Kino Festival

F4 - 895×1280 mm

Creation of a visual system for the posters of the KINO festival. This festival wants to be a rediscovery of the biggest names in cinema through the screening of many films coming from different epochs and contexts. The movie theaters are places of contrast between shadow and light, they are usually busy in the evening, which reinforces the impact of this light. The screening starts, the light immerses us in the film, it projects images that will remain etched in our memories. The projection is the main element of this work. The beams of light and shadow meet and mingle. This contrast between the two beams creates a high-impact area, reflecting the impact caused by the great films of the public through the ages.

Kino festival, poster, graphic design, projection, typography, the great directors, rays, light
Kino festival, poster, graphic design, ampersand, typography, François Truffaut, Jules and Jim
Kino festival, poster, graphic design, detail, typography, letters
Kino festival, poster, raster, dots, silhouettes, graphic design